Simorq magazine logo Design by Arman Anzanpour

Simorq Magazine

In 2001 I gathered some friends (M. feyzi , A. Anzanpour) and colleagues and start a web based magazine to publish a professional but anonymous articles.  We faced two major difficulties. Most of our writers and editors were distributed geographically in Iran and in some cases in USA and Europe,  But also we didn’t had any physical location due to our anonymity. So we start to develop a web base application to receive the articles from writers, edit them online and publish them automatically.

Actually we insist on the graphics and typography in a way our logo won a prize in a contest even before we start officially.

Simorq magazine logo Design by Arman Anzanpour

Simorq logo

Unfortunately the workload was huge and after our initial lunch we find out we can’t carry on without financial support which was also against our anonymity. Also the political space which was open for 3 years after 77 election was closing and we simply stopped our project.

It was a fail but I got my lesson. never start soon (in 2001 the Persian community on web was small, people did not have essential  training to post and publish) and big (we could start with 2-3 columns and then grow it bigger later).