Persian Bloggers Community

Persian Bloggers Community

The blogging start in september 2001 in Iran with Salman’s blog. Later H. Derakhshan ( he was arrested and and currently in an unknown situation) published a guide to start a weblog on

I joined blogging soon in late 2001 and actively tried to help others to start their weblog. before blogs if you had something to say it shall be passed through editors and official channels to be published but with the gift of blogging any one could say whatever and not pay attention to censorship.


later after government blocked I help some coligues to develop an guide to install and modify a personal blogging engine on personal domain. We used Movable type Engine and tried to add plugins and templates for persian users.


in 2002 I start a List  to introduce and keep a list of updated blogs from Mashhad (second city of Iran).  Later it helped me to develop a community to help and protect bloggers. we also got a booth at ICT exhibitions to introduce blogging to public.


after I moved out from Mashhad the other members continue the group for 4 years and had many charity events with help of Bloggers.