Nosazi is an urban developing company own by Tehran city in charge of developing a huge landscape in center of City. One major project is a science park including a planetarium and science museum. I was involved in the project for designing and installation of 3000m2 glass dome  In 2008 while they ask me to investigate  possible hardware and softwares for planetarium since I was interested in astronomy and public science. After a year of research and site visiting we finally came to an agreement with a japanese company for a 3D fulldome 4K  projection system. Unfortunately the sanctions against Iran made us Slow and in 2013 we successfully import all parts. We are now in phase of installation of planetarium  and the science museum.

I played two major roles in this project. from 2008-2010 I was project manager for Facade (glass and aluminium panels) in charge of design and installation. from 2009-2013( now) I am also Nosazi CEO’s consultant on plantarium project in charge of supervision on ordering, importing, installation and delivery.